Do Hair Extensions Damage the Natural Hair? Time to bust away some of the most common misconceptions of Hair extension

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The best hair extensions can make you look absolutely fabulous. But are the disconcerting stories going around about hair extensions stopping you from getting your best hair?

We do understand that these stories can cause confusion. That is why we decided to talk about some of the most common misconceptions that people have about hair extensions so that none of these prevent you from giving yourself a fabulous makeover.

They Are Painful and Uncomfortable

This is one of the most common misconceptions about hair extension. If you are worried about pain and discomfort while wearing hair extensions,  we would suggest that you stop worrying about it and get your favorite hair extension. The truth is the best hair extensions cause no pain and are absolutely comfortable. The application can cause pain only when it is not done correctly.

Since you are adding at least a hundred grams of extra hair on your head, you may feel a little different in the beginning, but once your head gets adjusted to the weight you will feel perfectly normal.

They Damage Your Natural Hair

Hair damage and pain is usually the result of improper application. That’s why it’s important to choose a  good stylist to install your hair extensions. There are several types of hair extensions and not all are damaging.

The traditional hair extension methods usually involve using glue, heat, or clamps for installing extensions, which as a result can cause the risk of damaging the hair if it’s not removed properly. The more advanced methods of hair extensions in London such as tape-ins,  clip-in, and microbeads hair extensions are the best, fastest, and safest way to get longer, bountiful hair. The installation method is less invasive to your hair roots and allows your natural hair to breathe when extensions are being worn.

They Are Easily Noticeable

Do you fear someone recognizing your hair extensions? Are you anxious about your hair extensions falling off while dancing at a party or in an important meeting? The good news is that the best hair extensions in London are meant to seamlessly blend with your natural hair and stay firmly attached to your hair. Plus,  there are different text and color options that you can choose to match your natural hair and create your own style. It will be hard for anyone to recognize anything but your beautiful, flawless hair.

They Need High Maintenance

The best hair extensions require nothing but good care, but this doesn’t mean high maintenance. Once you get your hair extension you need to take care of them in the same way you care for your natural hair, in order to prevent it from tangling and increase their longevity.

If you need to know more about maintaining your hair extension, you can always consult with the hair experts at Ambitious Lengths. If you are having trouble finding the best hair extension in London for your look, we can definitely help you. We have a team of talented hairstylists to help you find a hair extension that fits your needs and requirements and also enhance your overall look.