Four Seamless Hacks To Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

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So, had your hair cut short and sweet but then you start to miss having long bulky hair? Hair extensions allow you to have long, luxurious hair again without having to wait a year for your natural hair to grow back.

Even though installing hair extensions to shorter hair can be a little more challenging and tricky task than with longer hair, it can definitely be done. We have a few tricks, shared by our favorite hairstylists at Ambitious Lengths, London to help you seamlessly blend hair extensions with your short and achieve seamless, long hair.

Hack No.1- Mix and Match

This trick is a great way to trick the eye and restructure your short hair. You can use two different color nano ring hair extensions, like chestnut brown and chocolate brown color or any other two different colors to achieve a seamless blend. This helps create an illusion of fuller, longer and healthier hair.

If you have your natural hair highlighted with different shades, then you should choose an extension that matches the color of the ends of your hair instead of the roots. This is because the extensions are mostly applied at the crown of the head, so the extension will have to match your bottom hair to appear more natural.

Hack No.2 Layer It out

Now, this trick may sound a little harsh for your precious extensions, but you will definitely love the result. By feathering out your hair extensions, you allow the extensions to perfectly blend with your short hair, making you look as though you have a completely natural long hair.

If feathering hair extensions doesn’t seem like the right option for you, then you can choose different layered tape hair extensions from Ambitious Lengths, London to layer out your hair. Apply the shortest length first, then the second shortest and so forth.

Hack No.3 Cover up the Bases

Wearing extensions becomes too obvious in short hair because of the short edges that tend to peek out underneath the hair extensions. The best way to avoid this embarrassing situation is to cover up your bases before applying the extensions. You can hide away those pesky sneaky short hair with a quick braid or by clipping them away.

Hack No.4 Add Waves and Curls

The easiest and time-saving hacks to blend extension with short hair is adding a few waves and curls. Adding waves and curls help your hair and extensions to flow seamlessly as one.

Curl your extensions before applying them to save more time. Once you have attached the extensions, take each stand of your short hair and curl it together with the longer strands.

Bonus Tip

For a more natural result when extending short hair make sure that the agreed length blends easily with the natural hair, so we advise that you don’t go for a very long length.

Remember to use quality hair extensions, whenever you are trying out these hacks out trying new looks with your hair extensions. Quality hair extensions will always give out the best results and make your hair look absolutely beautiful and natural.

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