Four Things to Know About Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are becoming a normal part of today’s hair styling tools. With little to no effort, people are upgrading their looks with colorful, lengthy and beautiful extensions. However, there is more to extensions than color and beauty. Let’s have a look.

Natural Look

The choice of extension wholly depends on the type of look you are going for. Where you want them to blend with your natural look, go for one that is similar to your hair. Both in texture and color. Bright colors are ideal where you want the extensions to be bold and unique.


Hair extensions require care and maintenance to keep them naturally and stylish. Hairstylists recommend people need a hair extension care regimen for the scalp under the extensions and their natural hair. Build up of perspiration and dirt on the scalp could easily lead to extension tangles.  Maintenance demands for quality shampoos and conditioners particularly formulated for retaining both synthetic and natural hair. Also allocate adequate time, each day for the maintance of the hair extensions.

Styling should also be scanty around the areas where you added the extensions. This is especially important for hair that is finer and soft. Sometimes, extensions that have been attached too heavily or tightly may result in headache and pain.

After you have spent enough time with extensions on your hair and feel it’s time to do away with them, we recommend visiting a hair stylist. Avoid trying to remove the extensions at home because you might end up causing more harm than good on your hair.

Things to Consider

Before buying extensions. There are however three important things you need to know. The desired length, the time you are ready to allocate when caring for your hair, and understanding the systems around hair extensions. With length, don’t go too long. However, as long as you have sufficient hair to cover the top weft, any length could be desirable. The type of hair extensions also depends on the time you are willing to care for it. Synthetic or natural human hair. For example, a human hair is durable and will require enough time for heat styling regularly.