We are an Authorised NAKED WEAVE Technician.

Naked Weave is a brand new take on applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly and what makes it so innovative is that there are no visible connections. The trend setter. The first established weave of it’s kind in the UK. The way it is applied hides the connection from both the top and the bottom and also enables a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair types. In addition to this the positioning and sectioning makes simple and seamless row placement for the technician giving more versatility for the client, making high ponytails more discreet.

Every aspect of this method is unique to us from the way we thread, to the sectioning and placements. All designed for the most discreet fit.

Our technique is suitable for use with most brands of weave hair extensions so rest assured theres no need to find new suppliers if you already have a favourite.

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