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With over 20 years of experience… Ambitious Lengths understands how important Hair and Hair Extensions London are for women, and the confidence boost it can give you; which is why we provide a professional service of cutting, colouring and fitting the hair extensions either in the comfort of your own home. I OFFER A MOBILE SERVICE AROUND LONDON AND BEYOND! Mobile Hair Extensions London

perfect colour match, combined with the natural flow and shape of the hair is the overall desired effect when deciding to have hair extensions, after all… Nobody should be able to tell! We always aim to ensure your new hairstyle complements your total look, hair type and lifestyle.

(Hair Extensions can be applied to add length, volume or just to enhance your hairstyle, sometimes just a few strands can make a huge difference for someone with fine hair)

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Ambitious Lengths offers a range of extensions systems to choose from, including: Microrings, Nanorings, Keratine Pre-bonded, Fusion-Bonding, La-weave, Microweft & Tape Extensions. We give a personal touch and our commitment to every job we do; our goal is to maintain an open an honest communication in order to ensure customer satisfaction. As a result, we deliver bespoke services to our private clientele.



Each service is tailor-made as everybody has different hair, so the achievable look might take more or less work depending on the length and thickness, all of these different factors have to be evaluated hands on. We can provide a strand test which consists in fitting two extensions in the hair for two weeks to be sure it’s the right one for you.

Price Guide

  • Cut & Blow Dry – £40
  • Root Tint – £40
  • Full Head Tint – From £50 
  • 24 to 48 hours prior scalp colour application a skin test must be carried out
  • Highlights 
    • T-Section – From £60
    • Half Head – From £85
    • Full Head – From £110

    Additional Colouring Services 

    • Dip-Dye – Quoted on consultation
    • Balayage – Quoted on consultation
    • Color-Change – Quoted on consultation

Hair Extensions  – All new customers needing hair extensions installation have to book a consultation prior the fitting in order to colour match and have the hair and scalp assessed.  Just for a maintenance you won’t need to have a consultation but if you are bringing your own hair you will have to be responsible for it’s quality, it’s right amount and length to achieve the desired look .




BUY NOW – Payl8r


Hair Extension Maintenance and Removals: £60 p/h.

Own Hair Extension Fitting: £60 p/h.

  • A light trim of your natural hair prior installation and blending of any hair extensions fitted is included in the service.

VIOLA HAIR  OR EUPHORIA ONE  ( 100% human hair,70% double drawn hair, straight, any single strand system)

  • HALF HEAD of any single strand system and any colour –   75 strands
  • 14 inches£250
  • 16 inches £270
  • 18 inches £280
  • 20 inches £290
  • 22 inches from £300
  • 24 inches £344
  • FULL HEAD of any single strands system or any colour,  150 strands. IF MORE HAIR IS NEEDED THE PRICE WILL INCREASE ACCORDINGLY.
  • 14 inches £390
  • 16 inches £425
  • 18 inches £440
  • 20 inches £470
  • 22 inches from £510
  • 24 inches £587
  • Tape-ins  full head starts From £350
  • Tape-ins half Head starts From £200
  • La-Weave prices on consultation
  • Blow Dry Extensions – From £35


100%human hair from Italy and Spain, 100% DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR, NATURAL WAVE NO PERM, SUPRIOR QUALITY. Method: fusion bonding,  if you wish to have them fitted with microrings there is an extra fee of £20 per 25 gr. for pre-tipping  (prices vary depending on colours):

half head:

  • 12 inches from £250
  • 14 inches from £290
  • 16 inches from £310
  • 18 inches from £320
  • 20 inches from £330
  • 22 inches from £340

3/4 head:

  • 12 inches from £350
  • 14 inches from £410
  • 16 inches from £440
  • 18 inches from £455
  • 20 inches from £488
  • 22 inches from £503

Full head:

  • 12 inches from £450
  • 14 inches from £530
  • 16 inches from £570
  • 18 inches from £590
  • 20 inches from £700
  • 22 inches from £725
  • 24 inches available on request



  • T-Section – From £50
  • Half Head – From £75
  • Full Head – From £100

Additional Colouring Services 

  • Dip-Dye – Quoted on consultation
  • Balayage – Quoted on consultation
  • Color-Change – Quoted on consultation


Please use the booking system below to arrange an appointment or consultation for any of our services. (All of our bookings require a deposit which will be deducted from your final bill. A  24 hours cancellation policy is applied – Any missed appointments result in the loss of your deposit.

 Privacy policy: We do not store credit card details nor do we share finacial details with any 3rd parties

  • Book Online

    Book your consultation. (We charge a consultation fee of £25 which will be incorporated into your total, if you decide to go ahead with your service)

  • Consultation

    Our consultations are done face to face in order to assess the hair, colour-match it, and give a precise quote. (A deposit for your hair extensions is required when booking your fitting appointment)

  • Fitting

    Ambitious Lengths offers a professional service of cutting, colouring and fitting the hair extensions in the comfort of your own home; or on our premises.

  • Smile

    You'll be feeling fantastic and ready for any party or event!





Can I re-use the same hair?
Some hair grades allow you to re use the hair for up to 2 years but they are all guaranteed to last at least 3 months . Hair types
Which shampoo and conditioner should I use for my hair extensions?

Any Aftercare products that will benieft your hair/extensions will be recommended by your stylist during your Consultation/Fitting.

How do I wash the hair exensions?

Never wash your extensions with the head over you would rather do so while you are showering with your head back, it will prevent tangling. Use downwards movements instead of circular ones, make sure you wash your scalp in between the bonds as it needs to be clean to hold your extensions . Just stroke the ends with the shampoo. Repeat , the hair must be washed twice . Wash your hair 2 or 3 times per week, everyday is not recommended. After having washed out the shampoo, towel dry the hair and apply your conditioner carefully avoiding the roots leave for few minutes and rinse well. Excessive heat and moisture like sun beds , steam rooms and saunas will make the bonds soft and it should be cut down to a minimum . Never brush the hair when wet as the bonds are at their weakest.

Are hair extensions bad for my hair?

Hair extensions are very safe for the hair if they are installed and removed professionally with the correct aftercare instructions being followed.

Will people be able to notice if I am wearing extensions?

Your hair extensions will blend perfectly with your own hair, match your colour and texture. Trimming and shaping after each fitting is part of the service.

What is Remy Hair?

Many of our clients have heard the word Remy but are not sure about what it actually means? Well, it’s not a brand… simply it indicates that the hair is still coated in its cuticles and are all following a roots to ends directions, keeping the hair stronger, easy to brush and shiny. Some hair on the market is not genuine Remy hair and after a few washes it will get dry and difficult to manage. I advise everyone to seek expert advice when buying hair.

Can I bring my own hair?

Only if you really trust the supplier or you have used it before. There is a big market out there and I would be careful when buying hair from just anywhere . I provide a vast choice in grade, colour and texture suitable for each individual style and pockets. Hair types

How do I dry and style my hair?

After rinsing the conditioner pat dry, apply serum on the ends , rough dry, then in sections start smooth blow drying with a round brush or paddle brush making sure the bristle don’t have bobbles that can catch . Always make sure that the bonds are dry and give them a cold blast to make sure they cool down to stay strong and hold the hair well. Never sleep with your hair wet. You can tong or straighten with irons as you please.

Should I leave a few days in between each set of extensions?

Some people prefer have them removed and re placed on the same day but it’s recommended to give your hair a rest from time to time. I always include a trim of the natural hair with every set of extensions as part of the service.

How do I brush my hair?

Brush every day from dry , take sections hold the roots firmly and gently start from the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Use after care conditioning spray to detangle . Make sure your bonds are separated at the roots . The use of serum is recommended.

How long should my hair be to have hair extensions?

3 to 4 inches is the minimum length required (12 cm)

Why should I use a specific shampoo and conditioner when wearing hair extensions?

Some shampoos can weaken the bonds and allow excessive shedding. When wearing extensions it is advisable to use a salt free shampoo, with a low ph and deep cleansing. The conditioners for extensions will keep your hair softer for longer because they are designed for hair which is no longer attached to the scalp, and receiving the natural nourishment’s from the body. The use of regular hair conditioners will quickly dry out extension hair.

How long will my hair extensions last for?

3 months for the single bonded ( microrings , nanorings , keratin pre bonded and fusion bonding ).   Some hair grows faster than others but when the bonds have one inch regrowth (2.5 cm) it’s time to remove and re-apply them closer to the scalp using the same hair or replacing with new hair. Every 6 weeks you are advised to visit your stylist for maintenance.

  • 6 weeks for the tape extensions
  • 4 weeks for microweft
  • Clip ins must be removed daily



  • Amazing hair-dressers with great personality. Definitely recommended!!

    Yuki Mizutani
  • Amazing, Professional, Wonderful!

    Alina Minina
  • I have used Manuela for around 9 years and cannot recommend her services enough. First class colour and cuts!!

    Keith Wood
  • Manuela is excellent and has so much experience. She is an amazing colourist and fits hair extensions perfectly. I have been using her for 2.5 years and I would not change!

    Rebecca Wilkinson
  • Manuela is an excellent hairstylist, professional and caring about small details l will definitely recommend her for an amazing look with an affordable price!

    Francesca Romana
  • Manuela is great! She has been my hairdresser for a good few years. Fast, professional and always gives her honest opinions.

    Thuy Dinh
  • Manuela is a fantastic hairdresser!! I have been going for cut an colour for the last 3 years and never disappointed.

    Rebecca Varrall
  • Manuela has been my hairdresser for over 5 years now & I have never been left unsatisfied. Manuela takes pride in her work & is a true artist.

    Astra Nomical
  • Manuela has been doing my hair extensions for the last 3 years. She is not only a very experienced hairstylist, she is also a perfectionist when it comes to hair. Which is why my hair always looks it's best! I highly recommend ambitious lengths if you want quality and professional results, I wouldn't let anybody else do my hair!

    Sarah Crabb
  • Ambitious Lengths has been cutting, colouring and giving me wonderful extensions for about 12 years now. She is AMAZING. She always does a fantastic job.

    Louise Saddler
  • Totally in love with my new hair. Thank you so much for your amazing service and time 🙂

    Bec Gready


Please use the enquiry form below to contact us about any questions you may have about our services, bookings etc… we aim to reply to an enquiry within 24 hours. Please call us directly on 07538761018 if your enquiry is urgent. Thank you.