At Ambitious Lengths we use six methods to suit different hair types, these include:

Micro Rings or Mini Tips, Nano Rings or Nano Tips, Keratin Pre-bonded, Beaded or Invisible Weave, Tape Extensions, Micro-tapes & Fusion Bonding.

As experienced specialists, we provide a colouring service to match the hair extensions to your own hair, or we can dye your own hair to match your favourite shade.


Using no heat or glue, the hair Extensions are attached close to the roots by tiny metal, colour-matched rings, tightened with simple pliers. They are safely removed without using chemicals, by just loosening the rings they will easily slide out. This is a safe method for all hair types. Wearing time up to 12 weeks (depending on the hair type) after that the strands have to be removed the hair combed and reapplied closer to the scalp reusing the same hair or replaced with new hair. Pre-tipping and Re-tipping service is available. This method is available in Wavy and Straight.


No heat no glue method. . Suitable for fine hair. Similar to microrings but he actual rings are much and it feels like your not wearing extensions at all. Maintenance time up to 8 weeks and it’s perfect for fine hair. This method is not available in the Wavy range.

keratin pre-bonded

The bonds are made from Keratin which is a protein of organic materials which are healthy for the hair because it’s a natural component of hair structure. The Keratin is melted with a hot tool around a small section of hair close to the scalp then rolled with the fingers to form a tiny but particularly strong bond. Wear time is 3 to 4 months that the bonds can be removed and re-bonded in your hair. The hair can be re-used. This method is available in Straight and Wavy.

Naked Weave

We are an Authorised naked weave technician

Naked Weave is a brand new take on applying weft hair extensions that uses no heat, no glue, no braids and most importantly and what makes it so innovative is that there are no visible connections. The trend setter. The first established weave of it’s kind in the UK. The way it is applied hides the connection from both the top and the bottom and also enables a more comfortable and versatile fit for most hair types. In addition to this the positioning and sectioning makes simple and seamless row placement for the technician giving more versatility for the client, making high ponytails more discreet.

Every aspect of this method is unique to us from the way we thread, to the sectioning and placements. All designed for the most discreet fit. This method comes in Straight range only.
Maintenance every 6 to 10 weeks


Lasts up to 8 weeks and then can be reapplied using the same hair. It is a faster application method, suitable for fine hair as it lays very flat on the head.

Ambitious Lengths is authorised technician for Rapture tape extensions, the safest on the market, and medically approved tapes.
This method is available in Straight and Wavy.
Normal size and Micro Tapes
Maintenance every 4 to 8 weeks.


A resin-based heat bonding system. A technique that allows a choice of different colours in each bond, it’s perfect for very natural highlighting effects.
Each bond can be custom size and its perfect for fine hair as it feels weightless.
This method is completely bespoke. Providing the extensions are applied and removed by a qualified hair extensionist and after-care instructions are followed, then extensions will not damage your hair. Wearability time is 3 months after that the bonds have to be removed and reapplied closer to the scalp again reusing the same hair or replacing it with new hair.
This method is available in Wavy and Straight.

Colouring service

We are experienced colourists we can match the hair extensions to your own hair or we can dye your own hair to match your favourite shade. This can often be done on the same day of the fitting but if you wish to completely change the colour of your hair I recommend to have the hair extensions applied on a separate appointment as we will need to match them to the new hair colour. Depending on your colour history going from dark to blonde in one day might just not be possible especially if you have been using home hair dyes. A strand test is available during the consultation to assure the final result.